Irish shortbreads - KateSmirnova

The irish shortbreads

Irish shortbreads - KateSmirnova

Like their Scottish neighbours, the Irish also have their own shortbreads! This pure butter shortbread cake (called irish shortbreads in Ireland), as nourishing and rich as it is delicious, is one of the most popular snack sweets among the Irish. A simple, effective cake, but one that goes perfectly with tea or coffee!

Taste the irish shortbreads

Pure butter shortbread, rich and tasty!

But what is the difference between Irish and Scottish shortbreads? It must be said that the Scottish recipe remains the most famous in the world…

To tell you the truth, the recipe is no different: the Irish just made it their own! And of course, it will be impossible to know, who of the Scots or the Irish created this famous cake first!

In terms of composition, it is a pure butter shortbread, rich and delicious to perfection!

Irish people are used to taste irish shortbreads at teatime with a good Irish tea, or for Saint Patrick’s Day. They generally appreciate its simplicity, its comforting taste, and its caloric richness, ideal to fight against winters that are a little too rainy!

Easy to make at home, they can also be bought in supermarkets for very economical prices. The shapes are diverse and varied, and range from the traditional rectangle pierced with holes, to moulded clovers, bearing Celtic interlacing, or Gaelic words.

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