Irish Oysters

Irish Oysters - karandaev
Irish Oysters - karandaev

Nothing beats good Irish oysters with a creamy stout! If this picture seems somewhat atypical to you, you should know that this is how oysters are eaten in Ireland. Because if the green island is one of the most famous countries for its gastronomy, it is above all for the bitterness of its beers, but also for the quality of its oysters!

Presentation of Irish oysters

Oysters in Ireland: an Irish speciality of choice

Eaters of the small sea beasts should be aware that Ireland is a country renowned for its oyster farming. Although its production is much less important than that of France, the Irish oyster shines for its quality and its incomparable taste. Connoisseurs and oyster lovers all agree that the Irish oyster is one of the best in Europe!

It is generally appreciated for its iodized flavors, as well as its succulent flesh, the taste of which is skillfully enhanced by a few sips of Guinness or another equally tasty stout.

If you would like to taste these oysters, you should know that to date, the 3 great Irish oyster farmers are known as Donegal Oysters, PKA and Seabreeze. The latter generally distribute their oysters in most restaurants and pubs in Ireland and serve them with a pint of Guinness.

Also, if you enjoy tasting oysters in a festive setting, we recommend you attend the Galway International Oyster Festival, a festival taking place from 27th to 30th September and celebrating the expertise of Irish oyster farmers. Enjoy delicious oysters in a friendly setting with traditional Irish music and dance! Don’t hesitate to take part: the oysters from there are truly delicious!

Ireland benefits from an ideal environment for oyster farming

But why do Irish oysters stand out from their European competitors? First and foremost because of Ireland’s geographical location: the island is surrounded by prolific waters, rich in minerals, protected from pollution, and home to ecosystems with a fragile balance. Add to this the presence of high quality fresh water, peat bogs, limestone rocks such as those in the Burren region, and you get an environment conducive to oyster farming.

All these factors make it possible to achieve high quality oyster farming.

Since 2005 now, Ireland has implemented a new quality process known as I.Q.O. (Irish Quality Oyster), a process that allows oyster farmers to cultivate high quality oysters under the control of a major authority that ensures compliance with the I.Q.O. charter.

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