Irish Crackers

Crackers with Irish cheddar - bhofack2
Crackers with Irish cheddar - bhofack2

In Ireland, aperitifs and snacks are often made without bread or toast. Instead, the Irish are used to eating delicious salty crackers, which they serve with cheese, fresh fruit, or tomato.

Taste crackers in Ireland

An aperitif that works every time!

Crackers are nothing more than savoury cupcakes. The Irish, (but also other British people) appreciate its simple taste and crunchy texture, which can easily be combined with other flavours.

Irish cheddar crackers are usually served with irish cheddar, a cooked Irish cheese, which is one of the most popular cheeses in the country!

But it is also possible to eat them with a spreadable paste, based on fish rillettes for example, vegetables, or fresh fruit (grapes, apple…etc.).

Crackers are easily found in Irish shops, for very economical prices (less than 1,50€ for 30 crackers). Most local Irish pubs also offer crackers during happy hour, or during the broadcast of much-anticipated matches.

In terms of taste, crackers are delicious in their simplicity. They can be eaten plain, or with their many side dishes.

An aperitif that will allow you to spend convivial moments, with family or friends!

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