Un Irish Christmas Cake - magone

The Irish Christmas Cake

Un Irish Christmas Cake - magone

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The Irish Christmas Cake is a traditional Irish cake, preferably eaten at Christmas time. It is one of those cakes for which almost every Irish family has its own special recipe, passed down through generations. Prepared weeks in advance, before Christmas, this cake is a dessert that is eagerly awaited by gourmets! We tell you all about this Irish cake!

The Irish Christmas Cake

A traditional Irish cake for the festive season

An Irish Christmas Cake - magone

An Irish Christmas Cake – magone

The Irish Christmas Cake is a simple but delicious cake made from soft fruit, candied fruit and spices, all soaked in brandy.

Although there is no official recipe, the Irish all agree that the essential component of the cake is candied cherries. They cut them into small pieces, soak them in alcohol and then incorporate them into their pastry before putting them in the oven.

Topped with a sugar icing, candied cherries, almonds and walnuts, the result is absolutely delicious, ideal to end a Christmas meal!

Tradition has it that children make a wish while mixing the ingredients: their wishes would then come true within the year! (Warning, the cake contains alcohol and is therefore not recommended for minors).

In any case, this cake honours all the Irish know-how and conviviality. A dish to be tasted, preferably at the inhabitant’s: when it is homemade, it is always better!

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