An irish cheesecake - Arzamasova

Irish cheesecake

An irish cheesecake - Arzamasova

In Ireland, delicacies are around every corner! Don’t miss your chance to taste one of the country’s most popular specialities: Irish cheesecake! This cake is a derivative of the traditional American cheesecake, but baked in the Irish way! A delight!

Taste the Irish cheesecake

Local products, and a drop of Bailey’s Irish Cream!

The key advantage of Irish cheesecake is the use of local fromage frais. It must be said that the Irish excel in the production of cow’s and goat’s milk, which allows them to obtain high quality local products!

Generally, Irish cheesecake is made with cream cheese, chocolate and Bailey’s, a local alcohol made from cream of whiskey. The result is a tasty, airy and gourmet, slightly vanilla flavoured, which should delight most sweet toothers!

Count 3/4€ a share in a pastry shop, 5/6€ in a local restaurant.

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