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Irish Cheddar

Irish cheddar - tycoon101

Ah the Irish cheddar… Here is a typical cheese that the Irish are totally crazy about! Considered as a solid base of their diet, this cheese is part of the family of pressed pasta with crushed curds just like cantal, salers or laguiole. Consumed at any time of the day, cheddar is a cheese that the Irish consume almost daily with crackers, salads, sandwiches, and hamburgers? Unavoidable, it would be the most consumed cheese in Ireland!

The Irish cheddar

A very popular cheese with the Irish

Irish cheddar is produced in many farms and industrial plants in Ireland. Its quality varies from one brand to another, as does its taste, more or less pronounced (it’s all a matter of preference, but cheese lovers will undoubtedly prefer the strongest cheddars) .

Ultra recognizable with its solid orange paste, we find all types of cheeses: artisanal, industrial…etc… But one thing is sure: it can be found in sandwiches as well as in gourmet plates, signed by great local chefs.

But in general, Irish people like to consume it in a rather simple way. Among their inescapable, let us note especially the famous association crackers/cheddar, although it can also be eaten in salad, with brown bread, or in a fondue …

Rather strong in taste, this cheese has the advantage of possessing a certain power, with smoky flavors and a smooth and silky texture. Very pleasant to give some body to a meal!

If you ever wish to find some, you should know that Irish cheddar cheese is sold all over Ireland and in foreign countries. Each package of the cheese mentions the age of maturation of the cheddar in question, as well as the strength of its taste (mild, strong, sharp, or mature, depending on preference).

Please note: cheddar produced in Ireland is often described as “red cheddar”, although the color is rather orange.

On the price side, this cheese is accessible (except for artisanal cheddars, whose maturation sometimes makes prices explode). It is generally available for less than 3/4€ in supermarkets. Perfect to get initiated to a great classic of Irish cuisine!

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