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Le Guinness Cheddar

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Guinness in cheese? But what a funny idea you’re going to tell us! Guinness Cheddar is one of those “UFOs” of Irish gastronomy, which will amaze you as much as it will delight you! This 100% Irish cheese is sold every day by the thousands all over Ireland. Its plus? The bitterness and light caramel of Guinness that comes to coat the cheddar: a delight, to be discovered absolutely for lovers of new experiences! We warn you: you’ll love it!

Taste Guinness Cheddar Cheese

A recipe from the Cahill family

Guinness Cheddar

Guinness Cheddar

Admittedly, the Irish love to put Guinness in everything and anything. But they took it well from the Cahill family (an Irish family specialising in the production of flavoured artisanal cheeses) when they decided in the 1980s to try the experiment of combining cheese and Guinness!

Their idea was simple: mix pieces of curdled cheddar cheese with the famous Irish beer, then mould and press them. Time, patience and the taste of things well done gave birth to an extraordinary cheese, recognizable by its black rind and mosaic texture.

And the result is worth the detour! First of all, Guinness Cheddar takes on a marbled appearance: the Guinness has actually seeped in everywhere, giving it a roundness in the mouth.

The result is striking, giving a clever blend of sweet and salty, balanced by a very slight salty bitterness. To be enjoyed with a good Irish artisanal bread (Brown Bread for example?), or crackers. The result is delicious, all in texture, with a little acidity.

The Irish love it!

Note that Guinness Cheddar can be found fairly easily in Irish cheese shops and food stores. Its cost is similar to any other Irish cheese.

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