Garlic Bread

Irish garlic bread - bhofack2
Irish garlic bread - bhofack2

Garlic Bread is a garlic and olive oil bread, eaten as an aperitif, to complement a fresh pint. An Anglo-Saxon speciality, this bread is especially popular in irish pubs, and will undoubtedly spice up your aperitif!

The Garlic Bread

Great garlic bread for a snack!

Garlic Bread is a bread rubbed with garlic and oil (or butter) and then roasted in the oven, or toasted in a toaster.

Used as a snack, you can add a few ingredients, such as a pesto sauce, or a few crushed and candied tomatoes.

Tasty, it is often ordered at the Pub, as an aperitif cake and enjoyed with a pint of Irish stout.

Although a little greasy, this bread is delicious, and offers good moments of conviviality. Count 2/3€ for a Garlic Bread worthy of the name. Note that some Irish bakeries also offer freshly baked bread!

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