Fried bread

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Fried Bread is one of the flagship foods of the Irish breakfast! It consists of slices of bread fried in oil, butter, lard or bacon fat. The result is tasty, but more than rich! To make a dietician pale!

Taste the Fried Bread

A fried bread, eaten for breakfast!

Fried Bread is a typically Northern Irish speciality: you will come across it in most ulster fry (Northern Irish breakfast) restaurants in the region! The bread used is often a soda farl, a local bread roll made with baking soda. Cooking it in oil makes it swell and makes it look like a doughnut!

Usually the Irish sprinkle it with icing sugar or jam spread. A very greasy bread but rather greedy to eat, whose taste is totally similar to Spanish donuts! Anyway, it should make your cholesterol level explode! So be careful: Fried Bread can be addictive and dangerous if you eat it daily!

Nevertheless, it will cuddle you for the whole morning!

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