French Fries

French fries - - cc
French fries - - cc

Notice to French fries lovers! The term “French Fries” will be of great help to you if you ever want to accompany your meal with some French fries. The term French Fries is indeed an Anglo-Saxon name for French fries, which comes from a particular way of cooking potatoes in the French way… In Ireland, French Fries are a must, which accompanies all kinds of Irish dishes! Notice to the amateurs who like to eat with their fingers (or the fork)!

Presentation of French Fries

An essential accompaniment in Ireland

In Ireland, the Potato is a staple food, which can be cooked in all fashions! And French Fries are no exception to the rule! Very popular with children and adults alike, French Fries have become a simple and convivial accompaniment, served throughout Europe and the United States…

In Ireland, French Fries can be eaten with anything and everything, as an accompaniment to meat, fish, sanwhich, etc…. And it is not uncommon for waiters in restaurants and other Irish Pubs in Ireland to offer you different dishes, where French Fries will inevitably be part of your plate!

That’s why you’ll find them in a wide variety of dishes, from traditional Fish and Chips to simple Steak/Fries… In addition, French Fries are a permanent component in the dishes served in Fast-Foods. So it’s hard to escape them!

Irish people are usually used to eating them very salty, with a sweet or sour sauce, such as barbecue sauce, ketchup, or vinegar .

However, be careful in case of overconsumption: French fries are greasy, since they are cooked in boiling oil… In case of excess and regular consumption, French fries can be a factor in promoting obesity, a phenomenon already very present in Ireland…

Origins of the Name

Originally, the term French Fries refers to a typically French speciality discovered in 1802 by the Anglo-Saxons. At that time, Thomas Jefferson was tasting a speciality prepared by a French chef at the White House: French Fries (French fries in oil)… Very quickly, this way of cooking the potato seemed very popular, and these fries were then referred to as “French Fries”.

Since then the appellation has remained in the Anglo-Saxon world, including Ireland .

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