An irish burger - Paul Sherwood paul@sherwood.ie

Early Bird menu

An irish burger - Paul Sherwood paul@sherwood.ie

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Do you want to travel cheaply, and limit the cost of meals in Ireland? There’s a good plan offered by many Irish restaurants: the Early Bird menu! A real institution, it’s a special menu, offered at a preferential rate for small budgets. It’s a simple way to enjoy a meal without breaking the bank!

Test the Early Bird menu

The good plan for small budgets!

The Early Bird menu is a menu offered by most popular local restaurants. It’s a menu only available Monday to Friday, 6pm to 7pm (although some establishments are less and less careful about the schedule and extend it over the entire meal times). The merit of this menu is that it offers an advantageous discount on the bill. A bargain for tight budgets!

Of course, you won’t really find the Early Bird menu in highly gourmet restaurants. But this good plan is generally valid in local restaurants such as brasseries, fish and chips, snack bars, irish pubs or fast food. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information when you push the door: the staff will be happy to help you!

The Early Bird currently enjoys a good reputation: it will usually save you between 10 and 30% on the bill. This is a significant advantage, but one that goes hand in hand with product quality! It’s all about the sign and the choice!


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