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Durrus cheese - eatingthesheepshead.wordpress.com

Durrus is a soft Irish cheese made from cow’s milk. With its washed orange rind, it has been produced since 1979 by Jeffa Gill, and is a delight for gourmets who like to round off a meal with bread and cheese!


A creamy and fragrant cheese

Durrus is a washed-rind cheese, produced on a single farm in Ireland. It is made in the Coomkeen Valley, near the village of Durrus on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula (Co. Cork).

The cheese is made from local milk and is matured using traditional methods. In terms of taste, Durrus is a creamy cheese, whose taste and smell become stronger over time.

It is one of the best selling cheeses in the whole of Ireland! It is easily found in supermarkets in Ireland, as well as in small artisanal shops. A sure value!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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