Dubliner cheese - kerrygold


Dubliner cheese - kerrygold

Dubliner Cheese is one of the most popular Irish cheeses in Ireland! Although a bit stronger than cheddar, Dubliner is a baked cheese made from cow’s milk. A good local product!

Taste Dubliner cheese

A cheese matured for 12 months

The Dubliner is produced by the Carbery Company, a subsidiary of the Kerrygold Dairy Company. The Dubliner was named after the place where the cheese is produced: it is indeed made in the Dublin area! Although their production method is industrial, their maturing methods are carried out according to the rules of the trade!

On the taste side, it is appreciated for its strength and slight spiciness. Its paste is also studded with tiny white crystals: an indicator of quality and the presence of natural calcium!

Purists will advise you to combine it with fruit or a glass of red wine.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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