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Dingle fudge

Fudges - jirkaejc

Dingle Fudge is a speciality of County Kerry in Western Ireland. It is a small sweet treat made from caramel, coconut, chilli and cinnamon. An explosive mixture that will amaze you with its very sweet aromas!

Taste Dingle Fudge

An addictive candy!

Dingle Fudge is, as its name suggests, a speciality from the coastal village of Dingle in County Kerry. It is in a small artisanal shop that these incredible treats are made! Here, all the products are known for their high quality!

The brand offers many variations of its original recipe: Fudges with whiskeys, Fudges with dark chocolate, gluten-free Fudges, Fudges with almonds or hazelnuts? You’ll have the opportunity to taste everything and treat yourself… all for a really affordable price! The icing on the cake: the welcome is simple and warm! You will have an excellent time, rich in gastronomic discoveries!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.


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