Clonakilty Sausages

Full irish breakfast - Shutterstock
Full irish breakfast - Shutterstock

In Ireland, a traditional breakfast is not a real breakfast if it is not served with Clonakilty sausages! These are absolutely tasty little Irish sausages, produced in County Cork, in the small village of Clonakilty. The whole country consumes them every morning: it is a local product that cannot be ignored, and is a must try!

Taste Clonakilty sausages

The essential ingredients of the traditional irish breakfast!

Clonakilty sausages are an integral part of the ingredients of the Full Irish Breakfast, the traditional Irish breakfast. There are usually 2 or 3 sausages on the plate, in addition to bacon, eggs, black pudding and white pudding…etc.

These sausages are cooked rather simply: they are fried and served as they are on the plate. And that’s more than enough. They add an extra touch of generosity to the dish: it’s a real treat!

As for taste: we prefer to warn you in advance. It’s deliciously addictive! A clever mix of sweet/savoury, slightly smoky flavours. The skin is slightly crunchy, and the inside is melt-in-the-mouth! Although it’s not completely comparable, we’re halfway there with a Strasbourg sausage (knack type). The irish touch on top of that!

We’ll gladly take some more, and these sausages go perfectly with the other breakfast ingredients, such as black pudding and white pudding (also produced in the village of Clonakilty. They are also market leaders in its products).

Finally, these typically Irish sausages cost less than €5 per pack of 16 sausages (about 450 grams per pack). They can be found very easily in all food shops in Ireland. They are served by almost 100% of Bed and Breakfast, irish pubs and restaurants offering an irish breakfast: a chance, especially when you have tasted them once! You’ll see, you’ll be back for more very soon!

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