Burger in Ireland

An irish burger - Paul Sherwood paul@sherwood.ie
An irish burger - Paul Sherwood [email protected]

When it comes to eating in a hurry or on the go, the Irish, like their Anglo-Saxon counterparts, have no lack of imagination when it comes to serving simple and effective dishes. The burger is a great classic: served in most pubs in Ireland and Northern Ireland, the homemade burger is a pretty nice burger to eat, especially when made from fresh local produce .

Burger in Ireland

A must-have for Pubs

An Irish Burger – Paul Sherwood [email protected]

Tired of the traditional Fish and Chips and bored with Irish Stew? The Homemade Burger may be the solution to get you out of the Irish gastronomic routine.

Inspired by the burgers served in fast-food restaurants, these burgers have nothing to envy their neighbours. Because the homemade burger served in pubs has an unmistakable taste and freshness. We’re talking about a gourmet burger here, not a fast food burger… Everything is handmade, from vegetables and quality products to homemade fries.

Irish people eat it most often with a handful of French Fries, often drizzled with ketchup or vinegar (Irish people love slightly acidic flavours!) Count less than 8€ for a dish of this type.

Generally speaking, Pubs are rather playful: they offer their customers to compose it themselves by telling the waiter the desired ingredients from a list, in order to create the burger of their dreams. A rather playful way to have a quality burger to one’s taste!

Home Burger Recipe


The recipe for a homemade burger may vary from pub to pub, and ingredients available. Here is a recipe from our composition, to inspire you in the creation of your future homemade burger!

  • For 1 person
  • Duration : 30 mn
  • A hamburger bun, or Brown Bread (more authentic!)
  • One burger
  • A slice of bacon
  • Some salad leaves
  • A tomato
  • A thin slice of cheddar cheese
  • ketchup
  • tartar sauce
  • a shallot
  • an onion
  • salt
  • pepper


  • Peel and thinly slice one shallot and one onion. Then fry them in a little oil in a pan.
  • Wash and cut your tomato into thin slices
  • Then fry your burger in a pan and brown your bacon
  • Meanwhile, open your hamburger bun and spread it lightly with tartar sauce and ketchup.
  • Just put your steak, bacon, tomato slices, lettuce leaves, shallot, and onion on it
  • Season with salt and pepper… And enjoy it hot with fries!

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