The Breakfast Duck - Oliver Denton

Breakfast Duck

The Breakfast Duck - Oliver Denton

Perhaps you thought you’d tasted and tested everything Irish gastronomy has to offer? But have you tried the “Breakfast Duck”, a typical Northern Irish breakfast? On the program, grilled duck, bacon, waffles, fried eggs and coffee! An explosive combination that will make you melt with pleasure (as long as you’re not put off by the salty in the morning!).

Try the Breakfast Duck

Breakfast for those who are not cold feet!

The Breakfast Duck - Oliver Denton

The Breakfast Duck – Oliver Denton

But what idea would you have of eating duck for breakfast? It must be admitted that such a breakfast dish is far from being common in our French-speaking countries. But in Northern Ireland, we don’t do anything like the others!

It doesn’t matter whether it requires preparation or not: breakfast is sacred! Although it’s not a daily habit among Northern Irish people either, this meal of champions will delight you and no doubt make your cholesterol levels soar.

The recipe is simple, but demanding. You’ll need to prepare your duck, coat it with bacon, and place it in the oven. A few waffles and a fried egg on top will do the rest!

It tastes delicious (although a bit stiff if you have a weak stomach in the morning).

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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