Bramley apple

Bramley apples - mythja
Bramley apples - mythja

The Bramley apple is a variety of apple produced in Northern Ireland. A little jewel of the local soil, the Bramley apple has the particularity of being produced under PGI, (a Protected Geographical Indication label). It is appreciated for its tangy and sweet flavours, ideal for cooking and the production of local ciders!

Taste the Bramley apple

A green apple that turns red after exposure to the sun

Bramley apples have the particularity of being quite big. They are thus between 2 and 3 times the size of a classic apple! Enough to enjoy without feeling a taste of too little! Pastry lovers also like to use the “one apple, one pie” formula to make the most of the size of the fruit!

Although this variety does not originate from Ireland, the Bramley apple has over time become a real speciality for Northern Ireland, and more precisely, within the county of Armagh! It is produced with love and respect for tradition, placing great importance on the quality of the apples grown. Thus, the Irish producers grow it under the PGI label, a quality label that gives precise information on the place of production, and which also testifies to the undeniable quality of the apple!

On the taste side, the Bramley is tasty, ideal for cooking! Pies, crumbles, compotes… The possibilities are endless! But where Northern Ireland excels is in the production of local cider from this famous variety. The Armagh Cider Company has made it its true speciality, and produces thousands of litres of cider per day from this variety of apple!

The result is then very tasty, and makes it possible to obtain a light cider with particularly fruity accents!