Boxty with smoked salmon

A Boxty with smoked salmon - © pavel siamionov
A Boxty with smoked salmon - © pavel siamionov

In Ireland, boxty is one of the national dishes not to be missed. Delicious, it is a kind of grated potato pancake cooked in butter in a pan (like a doormat). The result is tasty, and is one of the great classics of Irish cuisine… The dish is so popular that there are many variations… And among the favourites, there is the Boxty with Irish smoked salmon. A real treat!

Boxty with smoked Irish salmon

A combination as simple as it is tasty!

The boxty - bhofack2

The boxty – bhofack2

In Ireland, we like simple dishes, and combining them to make a great dish. Salmon Boxty is one such dish. This dish brings together two of Ireland’s great specialities: the potato, which is so dear to the Irish (and has always been part of their staple diet throughout history), and smoked salmon, of which the country is a master.

Ireland has always had unrivalled expertise in the farming and smoking of Atlantic salmon. The country has ancestral techniques, passed down from generation to generation, which allow us to obtain an exceptional fish, of great finesse and subtlety!

Needless to say, Irish Boxty and salmon are a perfect match.

It can be eaten for breakfast, as part of a full Irish breakfast, but also for lunch or dinner. There are no rules!

The dish is usually eaten in its simplest form, with accessible ingredients such as potatoes, salmon, fresh cream, lemon and herbs (dill, chives or parsley).

When tasted, it is a pure delight!

Note that it is possible to cook a salmon Boxty easily at home. But you can also try it in Ireland, in restaurants specialising in Irish cuisine, or in Irish pubs offering meals on the premises. Beware, not all establishments offer it, but it is a classic of the genre!

As for the price, count on between 8 and 15€ depending on the type of salmon used. (The more artisanal the salmon, the more expensive it is. But believe us: it’s worth it!)

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