A Blueberry pie - bhofack2

Blueberry Pie

A Blueberry pie - bhofack2

The Blueberry Pie is one of those must-have cakes that the Irish love! This cake is nothing more and nothing less than a juicy and sweet blueberry pie, whose ancestral recipes have been passed down over several generations!

Taste Irish Blueberry Pie

A pie that heralds summer and Irish holidays!

Blueberries grow in abundance in Ireland! The opportunity for locals to taste these delicious fruits in gourmet preparations like the Blueberry Pie!

For example, the Irish initiated a tradition: for every Lugnasad (an Irish festival celebrating the harvest), it is customary to prepare succulent blueberry pies, and to taste them at balls and other festive events.

Irish blueberry pies are usually made in Irish homes, but you’ll also find them in local bakeries and some restaurants offer them. Of course, choose a pie whose blueberries have been harvested in Ireland: their taste and generosity are inimitable!

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