Battered sausages

Battered sausages - bhofack2
Battered sausages - bhofack2

Battered sausages are an Anglo-Saxon speciality very popular in Ireland. Although a little fatty, it is a sausage, covered with a crispy cornbread. It is fried in oil, and served on the go . An efficient and economical dish, rather good, but which risks to make your cholesterol explode!

Taste Battered sausages

Sausages served fried

When the Irish are short of time, and want to eat quickly, nothing beats a good Battered sausage! These are sold in most of the snack bars in Ireland’s major cities, and have the advantage of not costing much (less than 2€ per Battered sausage). Generally speaking, these sausages are made from pork, and are served with French Fries in plastic trays or newspaper (a bit like a Fish and Chips).

They are eaten drizzled with ketchup or mayonnaise. The taste is delicious, and the crunchy texture of the breadcrumbs is very pleasant.

In short, a good dish from the junk food culture, which will quickly find its followers if you want to eat for a limited budget! Be careful though: this type of meal is rather fatty!

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