Battered sausages - bhofack2

Battered sausages

Battered sausages - bhofack2

Battered sausages are an Anglo-Saxon speciality very popular in Ireland. Although a little fatty, it is a sausage, covered with a crispy cornbread. It is fried in oil, and served on the go . An efficient and economical dish, rather good, but which risks to make your cholesterol explode!

Taste Battered sausages

Sausages served fried

Battered sausages - bhofack2

Battered sausages – bhofack2

When the Irish are short of time, and want to eat quickly, nothing beats a good Battered sausage! These are sold in most of the snack bars in Ireland’s major cities, and have the advantage of not costing much (less than 2€ per Battered sausage). Generally speaking, these sausages are made from pork, and are served with French Fries in plastic trays or newspaper (a bit like a Fish and Chips).

They are eaten drizzled with ketchup or mayonnaise. The taste is delicious, and the crunchy texture of the breadcrumbs is very pleasant.

In short, a good dish from the junk food culture, which will quickly find its followers if you want to eat for a limited budget! Be careful though: this type of meal is rather fatty!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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