Grilled bacon - Arzamasova
Grilled bacon - Arzamasova

In Ireland, bacon has a very special place on the plates of the Irish! Most often eaten for breakfast, or in traditional dishes, it is a bacon pork meat which the population is very fond of … A small glimpse of how the Irish consume this food…

Bacon in Ireland

A crispy and tasty meat for the irish breakfast

Bacon is most often eaten at the Irish Breakfast, the traditional Irish breakfast.

Very simple in terms of preparation, just fry a few thin slices in a pan for 5 minutes .

The fat of the bacon becomes melting, perfumes the meat and makes it slightly crispy .

Irish people eat it with eggs, Irish sausages, Black Pudding, as well as tea or coffee… A solid meal, to last until the end of the morning!

Bacon and cabbage

If you’re more into “traditional Irish food”, then we recommend Bacon and Cabbage, a delicious Irish speciality made with bacon, cabbage and potatoes. The result is striking and will easily delight the palate of gourmets!

Cooked as if from the palette, the flavours are subtle and perfectly enhanced by the strength of the bacon.

Something to please yourself, while varying the tastes! Don’t hesitate to ask for some in the Irish Pubs!

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