Ardrahan - Tenaya Darlington - cc


Ardrahan - Tenaya Darlington - cc

It is not only in France that you can eat good cheese, and Ireland is one of the countries that produces some good cheeses, including Ardrahan. Ardrahan is actually a soft cheese made from cow’s milk. A pure artisan product from County Cork, this cheese is only made from local milk production, which is why it has such an inimitable taste.

Ardrahan, a cheese from family production

A creamy and smooth cheese

The history of Ardrahan cheese began in 1983 when a young farming couple, Eugene and Mary Burns, moved to County Cork to start a local business: cheese production. The couple bought Friesian cows, collected their milk, and made a soft cheese from cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet. (Which means that this cheese is a 100% vegetarian product!).

Very quickly, this cheese gains popularity, is distributed in most hypermarkets in Ireland and wins many medals in Ireland and Great Britain.

The bet is thus won for the Burns couple, who refuse however to extend out of the pastures of County Cork. They insisted that their milk should come primarily from local production and not from other counties.

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