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Abernethy butter

Abernethy butter - abernethybuttercompany.com

Of course: butter is butter, you might say. But that would be without having taken the time to taste Abernethy butter, a product churned in Northern Ireland and served in the most prestigious establishments! In terms of prestige, it would be the top of the top of the top of the butter!

Taste Abernethy butter

An exceptional butter 100% Northern Irish!

In Ireland, we don’t joke about good things! Even butter has a certain prestige thanks to the house of Abernethy! This establishment produces butter made from the milk of cows grazing peacefully in the Lagan valley (County Antrim).

Their secrets are well kept, but their traditional manufacturing methods make it an exceptional butter, soft, fine and generous in the mouth! No need to associate it with a dish: its raw tasting is enough and should leave you with a moving memory of your gastronomic holiday in Northern Ireland!

Its taste is such that this butter is one of the luxury products offered in the hotel industry to customers with good budgets!

But we can reassure you: Abernethy butter is nevertheless accessible, and can be bought in Antrim County, in specialist shops selling local products.

Don’t leave the region without having tasted it: it’s worth the detour!

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