Mini Water Tornado in Kerry County

Ireland: witness captures stunning images of a water tornado

Date 31 August 2020
A fascinating phenomenon rarely observed

A very rare waterspout was immortalized by a witness in Ireland. The phenomenon, breathtaking to say the least, took place near the estuary of the River Shannon in County Kerry. An Irish woman, Gloria Jean Keller, who was waiting for her ferry at the time, was able to film the scene.

A mini-tornado of great rarity

A natural phenomenon that caused no danger

It is a very strange spectacle that Gloria Jean Keller observed. While she was quietly waiting for her boat to be picked up, she observed an extremely rare natural phenomenon: that of the formation of a waterspout.

It is a kind of mini-tornado, which takes the form of a swirling column essentially composed of air and water. These are known to form only above the water.

Considered as very rare, they are most often formed in good weather and would be closely linked to the flat base of a developing cumulus line.

The witness immediately drew his smartphone to capture the moment. Published on Twitter, the post caused a sensation and has already been retweeted many times. It must be said that this type of event is particularly unusual in Ireland: little observed, let alone filmed, the waterspouts would be as unexpected as meeting a leprechaun! That is to say!

The video is to be seen below.


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08/27/2020 Tarbert Kerry On our trip to Galway we had to wait for the ferry and got some nature entertainment ??? Today on our way to the Ferry ⛴ in Tarbert! I'm wondering if someone seeing something like this before before ?? #tornado #twister #storm #weather #honda #xr #r #cc #tornados #nature #yamaha #gentleman #teamdadju #clouds #rain #lightning #tornadowarning #dadju #cg #thunderstorm #tornadozadar #stormchaser #hurricane #tornadoes #stunt #storms #bhfyp#ireland#rte

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Fascinating, it reminds us of the great disaster movies like Twister! But don’t worry: the tornado didn’t do any damage and disappeared as quickly as it formed!


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