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Ireland: Irish pubs reopen for the first time since March 2020!

Date 07 June 2021
After 14 months of closure, Irish pubs are coming back to life for the happiness of Irish people!

Irish people have been waiting for it with impatience: the reopening of the Irish pubs is effective from today! From now on, it will be possible for any adult to go to the pub to have a pint. A great first since March 2020! But beware, this reopening is not without conditions: from now on, pubs, restaurants and cafes will only be allowed to welcome people on the terrace (and not inside). Each customer will also have to be able to sit on a seat that allows them to be one meter away from other customers.

Irish pubs ready to revive tradition

The pub, a social lung in Ireland that was on the verge of suffocating

We had to be patient. Very patient. But this time it’s the right time: Irish pubs can now welcome customers, in a joyful and good mood. A crucial step for the morale of Irish people, very attached to the tradition.

Because let’s remember: the Irish pub is one of the great “sacred” institutions of the country. The Irish are used to frequenting these establishments almost daily, if only to meet with friends or family, have a drink, enjoy a music concert, or watch a sports match.

It took almost 14 months to get back into these habits. And now, all Irish pubs are concerned. All are entitled to a reopening, provided that they have an outdoor capacity. (in other words a terrace).

The opportunity to revive an economy in suffering, where there were thousands of pub owners in great financial difficulty. Fortunately, the state aid, coupled with projects led by the Guinness brewery, allowed to support the sector during the crisis.

The icing on the cake: if all goes well, Irish pubs should be able to welcome the public indoors from July 5th.

These relaxations are part of a roadmap previously determined by the government. The Irish state is preparing to open up to international tourism on July 19, and has already reopened hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts in the country.

Great news for the future!


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