An irish pub - © Marc Braner
An irish pub - © Marc Braner

Ireland: Irish pubs and restaurants allowed to serve indoors!

Date 26 July 2021
It will finally be possible to eat and drink indoors... under conditions of course!

This time it’s done: Irish pubs and restaurants all over Ireland are now allowed to serve their food and drink indoors… as well as outdoors! This new measure, authorized by the government of Ireland, marks a new turning point in its lifting of anti-covid restrictions. Because, as a reminder, pubs and restaurants were only allowed to receive the public on the terrace!

The irish hotel sector fully operational

The Irish pubs are getting ready to return to their former atmosphere…

This is very good news for the restaurant sector in Ireland. All the more so, as thousands of establishments without terrace, were deprived of activity since the beginning of the pandemic… causing for some bankruptcy and cessation of activity.

Fortunately, the Irish State’s aid, allowed the pubs and restaurants in difficulty to hold on. They hope to take advantage of this massive reopening to boost their economy!

Since this morning, many establishments have been welcoming their customers in the dining room… A new atmosphere reigns there, to the great joy of the local inhabitants and the tourists.

But be careful: the Irish government has established a set of guidelines for customers wishing to drink and / or eat inside … And these are numerous to say the least.

Among them :

  • The client will be required to show the staff a valid health pass that certifies they have been fully vaccinated (with 2 doses), or were infected with Covid-19 less than 6 months ago (QR code scanners will be used at the door, but paper passes will also be accepted).
  • Proof of identification will also be required for patrons. Anyone with a vaccine pass must be able to prove that the certificate belongs to them.
  • The customer will be required to provide contact information to the establishment in order to be notified in the event that the restaurant or pub has any Covid-19 cases.
  • The customer must not exceed a maximum of 6 people per table. (This limit does not include accompanying children 12 years of age or younger).
    In addition, pubs and restaurants will have to close at 11:30 pm at the latest.

According to the Irish government, these measures should allow the hotel and restaurant industry to get back on track, while preserving the safety of everyone.

To discover at this time in Ireland:

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