Ireland: country named most resilient to Covid-19

Ireland may be succeeding in its fight against Covid-19, according to a study conducted by the Bloomberg agency

Ireland would be successful in its fight against Covid-19 - © Feydzhet Shabanov
Ireland would be successful in its fight against Covid-19 - © Feydzhet Shabanov
Date 30 September 2021

Every month, the news agency publishes a ranking of the most resilient countries in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. And this month, Ireland is in the lead, ranking number 1 in the world of the most resilient countries against the coronavirus. A great success, for a country that has come back from far away…

Bloomberg News Agency hails Irish success against Covid-19

Ireland, despite its setbacks at the beginning of the year 2021, has managed to turn things around

Every month, countries all over the world pay close attention to the Bloomberg agency’s ranking. The latter publishes the results of a rather complex study: it measures the indicators of more than 53 countries (the most important world economies), to judge which nation is doing well in its fight against the coronavirus.

And the good news is that at the end of September, Ireland is at the top of the list (while France does not lose out and comes 7th). A consecration for the government and the Irish population.

The numbers speak for themselves: more than 91% of its population (aged 16 and over) is fully vaccinated. Coronavirus-related deaths are down, and most anti-covid restrictions have been lifted. International travel is now widely allowed, and the health pass is in force, making economic and social exchanges more fluid.

All the indicators are therefore green and are beginning a gradual return to normalcy.

This is a real tour de force for Ireland, which had however experienced a real descent into hell during January 2021. The end of year celebrations had indeed caused a real epidemic outbreak, pushing the government to reconfine Ireland from December 25 …

A severe strategy, inviting the Irish to stay at home, to favor telecommuting and to limit travel within a reduced perimeter. Irish pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants had then seen their recovery compromised… and were forced to close. Since then, the country had become known as the strictest nation in Europe when it came to managing the Covid-19 crisis.

It would seem that the strategy has paid off.

After months of forced confinement and intensive vaccination strategy, Ireland is now on the top of the podium: the island is now the best student in the World in this matter.

As a result, hotels, museums, pubs and restaurants have reopened since July. Travel is up and air traffic is on the rebound. The Irish are in good spirits again, and the prospect of an end to the crisis seems imminent.

According to the Bloomberg news agency, Ireland has learned from its past failures to better rebound… And the future looks promising from every point of view. Tourism will be one of the big winners of this battle: travel is clearly on the rise, and tourism players will finally be able to resume their activity… even if past sacrifices have been abysmal.

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