Ireland by motorhome this summer

This mode of travel is ideal during the Covid-19 period!

A motorhome in Ireland - © mark_gusev
A motorhome in Ireland - © mark_gusev

It’s official: tourism resumes in Ireland from July 19th! It’s time to think about your summer vacations and to organize your future stay! For the adventure lovers, a trip in a motorhome can be the perfect solution to answer your desires of freedom! We tell you more here!

Travel by motorhome: live your stay without limits!

Adventure and freedom together

If you like to travel in “roots” mode, where spontaneity and improvisation are at the center of your desires, then look no further: a trip in a motorhome in Ireland is what you need!

It’s the perfect opportunity to travel the Irish roads, to get lost between mountains, lakes and beaches… And enjoy the great outdoors!

Another advantage of this type of travel: it will allow you to explore the country at your own pace, without having to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast. You will save money!

Finally, in these strange times of Covid, traveling by motorhome can be very interesting. It allows you to live in your own environment, while avoiding the promiscuity of other travelers. Perfect for people allergic to crowds, and who prefer their own little comfort in the middle of the wilderness!

But beware: traveling by motorhome requires a little preparation. Equipment, stewardship, food shopping… This type of stay requires anticipation and a good knowledge of the camping world. Whether you rent the vehicle or come with your own, you will need to have the necessary equipment to live your adventure to the fullest.

You will also need to know the authorized parking conditions in Ireland. Choose an approved campground rather than a wilderness park: there are many campgrounds that have all the appropriate facilities. What’s more, they are often set up in the middle of nature, in settings that are 100% exotic. It is legal, and you will avoid fines for inappropriate parking (which can be very expensive. The Irish authorities do not joke with motorhome owners).

Note that this mode of travel is perfect to settle down and explore Ireland at your own pace. Want to admire a beach and rest in the sand? Want to cross an entire county to see a famous national park? All this is of course possible when you travel with your house on your back!

From then on, miles are no longer a limit: you are free to go wherever you want, without any schedule or logistic constraints linked to a hotel or a bed and breakfast. It is you who decides and it is so much better! In short, the motorhome is a perfect way to travel for adventurers and families looking for flexibility and versatility. Not to mention the pleasure of waking up in the morning in an enchanting setting, which will allow you to get back to basics and simple things.

That’s the secret to a top-notch trip, one that will remain forever etched in your memories!

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