An Aer Lingus plane - Jonathan Palombo - cc
An Aer Lingus plane - Jonathan Palombo - cc

Ireland: Aer Lingus leaves Shannon Airport permanently

Date 19 May 2021
Weakened by the pandemic, the Irish airline forced to restructure

The Irish airline Aer Lingus, has announced that it intends to leave its base at Shannon Airport in Ireland permanently. A difficult decision, which results from a great financial difficulty. As a reminder, the company with the green clover has been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, grounding its planes since April 2020. Thus, it is estimated that the Irish company would have lost more than 361 million euros in 2020, and 103 million in the first quarter of 2021. A disaster, which forces Aer Lingus to reduce its costs, leaving the base of Shannon.

Aer Lingus, forced to operate a redundancy plan

Shannon airport only concerned for the moment

The announcement was made Tuesday evening and shook the Irish air transport sector. Aer Lingus, will be forced to give up its positions within an airport extremely frequented by Irish people and tourists…

And this will not be without consequences. It is estimated that 81 staff members working as cabin crew have already been offered a severance package or a transfer to Dublin airport. Another 45 ground staff will be made redundant.

The decision may also affect foreign travelers wishing to travel to Ireland. Many of them were using Aer Lingus to connect to the West of Ireland. Shannon airport is indeed an interesting base for tourists wishing to avoid Cork and Dublin airports, and avoid unnecessary car trips to reach their destination.

But rest assured: although the pandemic has clearly weakened an Irish aviation colossus, Aer Lingus is counting on a restructuring to revive its sector. This will not be without a bang, and there may be many redundancies in 2021… But this will be, according to the company, a necessary evil before returning to full economic bloom.

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