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Ireland: a private island for sale for €250,000

Date 18 September 2020
A wild island is looking for a buyer who likes isolation and authentic landscapes.

A private island in Ireland called Mannion Island has just been put up for sale for the sum of 250 000€. Located off the coast of West Cork (County Cork), on the south coast of Ireland, this wild jewel should quickly seduce a buyer! A true natural treasure, this island has an extraordinary setting, between land and ocean: enough to make lovers of fabulous landscapes fall in love with!

Mannion Island: a rather accessible piece of Ireland

The ad should quickly find a buyer.

Mannion Island is a wild and fabulous island: devoid of any human settlement, it is one of the wild Irish bastions, which make the lovers of peace and quiet dream. It must be said that the current pandemic period has increased demand: many buyers are looking for the rare pearl, to better isolate themselves from the rest of the world!

And it must be admitted: Mannion Island ticks almost all the boxes. With its natural landscapes, its fertile land, and its breathtaking views of the ocean, the island has some serious assets! Even better: with its 250 000€ requested, the price is rather attractive for a private island. Enough to tempt lovers of wild spaces and authentic nature!

Note that the island is not in complete isolation either: it is located 500 meters from a recently built pier, not far from the village of Durrus, on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula. A perfect location, which allows you to find a balance between isolation and proximity to the rest of Ireland.

But beware: behind these teasing arguments lies a small subtlety: no building permits are available on Mannion Island. Buying a tent on Mannion Island is an opportunity to pitch your tent regularly, to settle down in its beautiful cove, and to party with family and friends for a few days. It’s impossible to live there all year round, unless you like to live in poverty!

The agency responsible for its sale also mentioned that the island is currently without electricity. But that it could well be installed there with the help of wind turbines and solar panels.

So you will have understood: Mannion Island is a wonderful island, but with limited possibilities. No house to build: the place will have to be preserved and is rather intended for wilderness lovers.

If you are interested in owning a spectacular piece of the emerald island, you can view the detailed ad here.


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