Interactive map of Ireland and tourist attractions

Interactive Map of IrelandLooking for a map of Ireland showing the attractions and sights not to be missed? Good news: you’ve come to the right place!

Our map of Ireland lists the most important sights of interest in the country. This is the most comprehensive map on the market to date! Browse the map, click on each point and discover all the details of the tourist site that interests you (address, description of the attraction, photos, tips, good plans and rates!).

Our map lists the best of Ireland’s National Parks, its cliffs, big cities, beaches, castles, dolmens and other megaliths and much more!

Take your time! This map is designed to help you plan your trip, without missing out on a must-see site! Use it before and during your trip: map out your itineraries, check out the must-see places around you and experience a trip to Ireland that is absolutely unique!

Our map of Ireland and points of interest

Discover the best places to visit around your location!

Are you currently travelling in Dublin and want to know the best places to visit? Hop, a small tour on our map and you will have a complete overview of your possibilities! You are organising a trip to the mythical region of Connemara and don’t know where to start? Same thing: consult our map and enjoy the most beautiful tourist places in Ireland!

We try to be as complete as possible, and every day we add new attractions not to be missed! Just give it a try: click, zoom, and enjoy the best stay in Ireland possible!