View on Hook Head and its lighthouse - © svetok30
View on Hook Head and its lighthouse - © svetok30

Hook Head Lighthouse: free admission for Patrick and Patricia for St. Patrick’s Day 2022!

Date 04 March 2022
The 800-year-old Irish lighthouse has planned its own program for the festivities!

The famous Hook Head Lighthouse in County Wexford, Ireland, attracts thousands of visitors each year. And the month of March promises to be a bit special, as the site has planned to offer a free visit to all Patrick and Patricia, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! An offer valid only on the day of the national holiday: March 17, 2022!

The Hook Head Lighthouse is also celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

An 800 year old lighthouse, built in an environment shaped by the ocean and tradition

Saint Patrick’s Day is not only celebrated in Dublin! The Hook Head lighthouse has also planned its own program of festivities, and it promises to be enticing!

First of all, the place will be dressed in green on the day, paying tribute to the Irish folklore and to the symbols linked to the saint. The coffee shop on site will offer pastries and decorations of a bright green, while a “snake stilt” for children will take place from 2 to 3 pm on the lawns of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse will be open to the public, and will be free for all Patrick, Patricia, Paddy and Pat who present themselves with their ID card. For the others, the price will be the same as usual.

The tour will be led by an inspiring and witty guide who will be full of anecdotes and humour about the lighthouse. You will learn that the 800 year old Hook Head Lighthouse is the oldest operational lighthouse in the world. In remarkable condition, it is one of Ireland’s heritage treasures!

The tour ends at the top of the lighthouse where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Celtic Sea and the Waterford Estuary. A great moment, even more special on St. Patrick’s Day!

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