Heinz launches a green mayonnaise with shamrock to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

A cool and crazy mayo... in ultra-limited edition!
10 March 2021
Heinz - Good Shamrock Mayo
Heinz - Good Shamrock Mayo

No, it’s not a joke: the famous Heinz brand decided to release a limited edition mayonnaise for St. Patrick’s Day. And this one, apart from being green, would have been made with clovers grown in County Kerry! A mayo produced in very limited quantities, and only available in Ireland, which has the merit of literally riding the wave of the best Irish holiday of the year!

When Heinz shouts its love for Ireland…

A project that took more than a year of work

[Seriously] Good Shamrock Mayo. This is the name of this amazing mayo with an Irish taste. A rather humorous name, although the product remains very serious.

So, David Adams, director of Heinz Ireland spoke up to dispel any doubts:

When St. Patrick’s Day 2020 celebrations were cancelled all over the country last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we set about thinking how we could make St. Patrick’s Day 2021 one to remember.

And after a year of planning, testing and tasting, we are beside ourselves to present the first of its kind in Ireland … it’s green, it’s creamy and it’s utterly delicious! It’s Heinz [Seriously] Good Shamrock Mayo. The most St. Patrick’s Day-y Mayo possible. We’re dying to hear what people think and what people serve it with. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be in stores for 2022 celebrations!

James O’Leary, a shamrock producer in Ireland completed:

Our shamrock has been carefully cultivated in Ballinaskelligs, Co Kerry, one of the greenest places in the southwest of Ireland, where the Irish language is still spoken fluently by the locals. We have been proudly growing our shamrock for 31 years, and supply the Taoiseach with the symbolic bowl of shamrock that is given to the President in the White House as a symbol of the countries’ friendship on St. Patrick’s Day.

Some might say ours is the most famous shamrock in the world, and who are we to argue with them! We were delighted to provide the shamrock to Heinz for this truly unique campaign to celebrate our Irish culture and we hope that anyone lucky enough to win a jar can taste the love and care we have put into nurturing our shamrock.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to taste such a product… Indeed, Heinz has only produced 75 jars! A product that will be possible to win by visiting Heinz’s page on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to learn more.

If ever the product works, it could be that this mayonnaise will be produced on a larger scale for 2022… and be available in supermarkets… Something to whet the curiosity of the most curious!

Anyway, the famous brand has done very well. We were used to some cities like Chicago dyeing their river green to pay tribute to St. Patrick’s Day… or some cities lighting their monuments to pay tribute to St. Patrick’s Day… But on this one, Heinz saw things in a big way!


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