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Guinness brews 5 million extra pints as Irish pubs reopen in Ireland

Date 04 June 2021
Everything is done to be ready on June 7, the official reopening day of the Irish establishments!

Ireland is preparing for a return to normalcy with the reopening of its Irish pubs on June 7. And for this occasion, the Guinness brewery has decided to work twice as hard, in order to supply the establishments with its legendary beer. So, the group revealed that they are currently brewing up to 5 million extra pints at their St Jame’s Gate brewery in Dublin. The aim: to meet potentially higher than usual demand.

After months of closure, Irish pubs are coming back to life

Guinness supplies pubs with kegs and health safety facilities

Ireland’s Irish pubs have been closed for over a year now. More than a year of inactivity, while these establishments are considered as the social and cultural lung of the country!

So you might as well imagine that it will be an assault on June 7. Every Irishman already intends to go to the Pub on this date, just to drink and chat with friends, like in the good old days, when Covid-19 did not exist.

Faced with this reopening, Guinness tried to assist the Pub owners to face the massive influx of potential customers safely… The brewery provided financial assistance to the most distressed pubs (approximately 5,000 throughout the country), and helped equip them with essential sanitary infrastructure, to enable them to comply with standards and welcome their customers safely from June.

Equipment, masks and 125,000 liters of hydro-alcohol gel were distributed throughout Ireland by the Diageo Group. Waiters were also offered training on health safety, and some Irish pubs even received help to build outdoor terraces.

In addition, millions of extra liters of Guinness were produced. Let’s not forget that Guinness is one of the Irish people’s favorite beverages… and the brewery, in addition to being philanthropic, hopes to kill two birds with one stone by selling its dark beer en masse!

The reopening is eagerly awaited in Ireland. The pubs are getting ready, the counters are being polished and the final details are being worked on. One thing is sure: this reopening will be good for the morale of the Irish people… as well as for foreign travelers!


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