Dublin cancels its New Year’s Festival

The festive season will be very sad in Ireland...

New Year's Day Fireworks in Dublin - Brian & Natalia Liston - cc
New Year's Day Fireworks in Dublin - Brian & Natalia Liston - cc

Failte Ireland and Dublin City Council have just taken the decision to cancel the New Year’s Eve festivities in the Irish capital. At issue is the current coronavirus pandemic situation. The organizers have therefore had to, with regret, cancel one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. A difficult decision, which was motivated by a single interest: to protect the population from contagion at Covid-19.

An event that brought together up to 110,000 people every year.

The New Year in Dublin will not be as festive as in previous years.

The time has come for austerity and responsibility. For the people of Dublin, who are currently confined, this is yet another piece of news that signals the death knell for any hope of festivities in 2020. Forgotten the end of the year festivities: 2020 will end as it began: in prudence and the principles of social distancing.

The decision may seem premature in this month of September, but Failte Ireland and Dublin City Council prefer to remain lucid. While Ireland is experiencing a second wave of epidemics, the next few months could prove tricky. Therefore, according to them, there is no point in scheduling unrealistic events.

It seems unreasonable and inappropriate to encourage people to gather in large numbers. This would contravene public health guidelines, and would make it impossible to contain the spread of Covid-19.

It is a well-considered decision, which calls for caution. So there will be no concerts or fireworks over the Custom House at midnight this New Year’s Eve. The Irish will be encouraged to gather in small numbers in their homes, and to respect the barrier gestures to protect each person in each family.

When at Christmas… Although the Dublin City Council has not yet pronounced itself, it could be that the Irish capital will be deprived of Christmas markets and all street animation… Future measures should be taken to avoid crowds.

One thing is certain: the Irish holiday season will be like no other. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the country will catch up in 2021 with its St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

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