Dublin Airport: between chaotic scenes and endless queues for Easter

The situation only concerns flights from Dublin but causes anguish and missed flights

Endless tail at Dublin airport - @dog_n_dad - Instagram
Endless tail at Dublin airport - @dog_n_dad - Instagram

But what exactly has been going on at Dublin Airport for the past few days?  A strange chaos reigns there since the beginning of the week creating stress and anger among users. Many videos are circulating on social networks, showing endless queues of travelers, forced to wait outside, on the sidewalk to pass the security service! An unusual situation, which has even caused travelers to miss their flights, even though they were more than ready to board!

Dublin Airport falls victim to understaffing

A bottleneck that should be solved after Easter

Security queue at Dublin airport - @frielfree

Security queue at Dublin airport – @frielfree

Every year, at Easter time, the Dublin airport is under tension. Many Irish people want to fly at this time to celebrate Easter abroad.

However, Dublin airport is currently experiencing difficulties related to the last months of Covid-19. While the epidemic situation is under control, and international travel has been able to resume, the establishment suffers from a shortage of staff for its security service …

A situation that creates a real bottleneck in the queues of users, causing stress and anxiety among travelers at the thought of missing their plane.

These interminable queues sometimes start on the airport forecourt, more than 500 meters away on the sidewalk! An incredible situation, which has placed Dublin as the second most stressful airport to travel to in Europe at Easter.

Dublin Airport is second only to Heathrow Airport, according to a survey conducted by Legacy Communications’ The Digital PR Hub.

This situation is temporary, and only affects flights out of Dublin, not arrivals.

Nevertheless, the next few days are likely to be tense, due to the massive departures from Dublin. The airport has already communicated its apologies and its current difficulties. In order to mitigate the situation as best as possible, it has encouraged users departing from Dublin to follow the following advice:

  • go to the airport as soon as possible to catch your flight
  • anticipate the security instructions in order to facilitate the controls:
    • avoid carrying prohibited items and substances
    • pack liquids, creams and other sensitive products in your cabin baggage in transparent bags that are easy to remove and visually check
    • avoid using belt buckles and other metallic objects when passing through the security gate
    • …etc.

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