Tom Crean's beer - Dingle Brewing Company

Tom Crean’s Beer

Tom Crean's beer - Dingle Brewing Company

Tom Crean’s is an Irish beer brewed by the Dingle Brewing Company, a micro-brewery in County Kerry, Ireland. It was created by the famous adventurer “Tom Crean”, a legendary explorer from Annascaul, known to have participated in 3 successive expeditions to Antarctica. Rather pleasant and thirst-quenching, Crean’s beer is well worth a little tasting!

Taste Tom Crean’s

A Lager-type beer

Tom Crean - Public Domain

Tom Crean – Public Domain

Tom Crean’s is a rather fine and pleasant lager. We appreciate its strength in the mouth, lightened by some fruity, almost caramelized notes.

The beer is brewed from quality natural products: indeed, the brewery attaches great importance to the ingredients used! With centuries of know-how, the brewery produces perfectly balanced beers!

Note that Tom Crean’s is a fairly widespread beer in Ireland. You will find it in most of the local irish pubs in Kerry, but also in the rest of Ireland. Note that some pubs in the rest of the world import it specially…

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.


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