Teeling whiskeys - Fareham Wine - cc

Teeling whiskey

Teeling whiskeys - Fareham Wine - cc

Teeling whiskey is one of the most emblematic traditional Irish whiskeys in Dublin! Produced since 1782, this beverage is part of Dublin’s heritage and is considered a sure bet! It combines tradition and modernity, smoothness and power in the mouth!

Taste Teeling whiskey

A whiskey distilled in the pure respect of traditions!

Teeling whiskey has been distilled for several generations by the Teeling family. This family business has always attached great importance to the quality of its production, and selects the best of local Irish products to distill its beverage!

Based in Dublin, in the Newmarket district, it strives to produce quality whiskeys. Her passion for a job well done has resulted in whiskeys rich in aroma and character. These whiskeys combine strength and sweetness, strong and well-balanced flavours.

Teelings are also the rare Irish whiskeys to practice double distillation (pot still). A major difference, which makes them different and original drinks!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.


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