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The Pogues xwhiskey - http://www.insidehook.com - cc

The famous music group “The Pogues” has just embarked on a brand new adventure, launching its own Irish whiskey! From now on, the group owns a whiskey in its name, distilled in partnership with West Cork Distillers, one of the three independent distilleries in Ireland.

Taste Pogues whiskey

A very rock’n roll drink!

It has to be said that the occasion was too good: the Pogues have always sung about the merits of Irish whiskey in their songs: so why not make your own drink?

To inaugurate the event, Shane McGowan, the band’s leader, launched his whiskey with great pomp and circumstance in the London pub Boogaloo.

In terms of taste, “The Pogues” whiskey already prides itself on being the most malted whiskey in Ireland, with a composition of 50% grain and 50% single malt. Rather pleasant and pronounced in the mouth, it combines malty, citrus, nut and almond aromas.

“The partnership with the Pogues is perfect for us.” said John O’Connell, co-founder of West Cork Distillers. “The members of the group share the same values as we do: an independent spirit, a slightly unorthodox approach, a commitment to quality and, of course, success on the international stage. Not forgetting of course their interest in whiskey”.

Let’s wish them good luck in this new adventure!

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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