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A pint of Irish beer - © 5ph
A pint of Irish beer - © 5ph

The pint is an Anglo-Saxon format, used in Irish Pubs to serve Irish beers. Considered a “big” format, this glass format is mainly used by the majority of Irish people when they go to the Pub to drink a Guinness, or any other Irish beer . It has even become an institution! You will rarely see a pub customer drinking his beer in a glass of a different size and shape!

History of the Pint in Ireland

A British invention

The origin of the pint dates back to 1698, when the English government decided to standardize measurements by introducing an “imperial unit system” (symbolized by “pt”).

The pint was then invented there: it must now measure nearly half a litre, or 0.568 261 25 litres, and be served in all the drinking establishments in England.

This made it possible to rationalise consumption, to avoid glasses that were supposedly less full than the neighbour’s, and to better control the flow of alcohol.

At that time, this system of measurement also extended to Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each country was then obliged to use this new format in drinking establishments.

After three centuries of use, the pint is still an institution in Anglo-Saxon countries (except in America, where the pint format is slightly different: 0.473 176 473 litres).

Nevertheless, the creation of this container has also made it possible to develop certain derived formats, such as the half-pint, or the 2/3 pint, currently under negotiation within the British government.

The pint still used in Irish Pubs today

Today, Irish Pubs in Ireland continue to serve their beers in licensed pints. This format has become an institution, and any Irishman would insist on having his beer served in a different glass than the traditional pint!

The biggest beer brands, such as Guinness, Murphy and Beamish, have even taken advantage of this essential format to distribute glasses of this container bearing the effigy of their brands to pubs. Some fans even collect them.

So don’t be surprised if the glass looks big: it’s a standard in the country. Generous and hospitable, but still requires that you hold on to the alcohol, and see that it remains reasonable. If you’re worried it might be too big for you, opt for the half pint (although it’s less profitable: 2 half pints, costing more than a normal pint).

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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