Paddy whiskey

Paddy whiskey - DM - cc
Paddy whiskey - DM - cc

Paddy is one of the world’s best-selling Irish whiskeys. Resulting from purely Irish manufacturing processes, Paddy has powerful, peaty aromas. Small presentation of this Irish whiskey from Cork.

History of Paddy Whiskey

A Whiskey that takes the name of a commercial like no other: Paddy Flaherty

It is in 1825 in Cork, that the Distillery Company Old Irish Whiskey of Midleton was founded. At the time, it produces a rather strong whiskey, based on the techniques of triple distillation. Wishing to sell its alcohol in most of the Pubs of the region, the distillery decided to recruit several salesmen, in charge of selling the merits of their beverage.

Among them, Paddy Flaherty is hired, an Irish man with an easy contact and a commercial spirit. His presence alone is enough to propel the sale of the distillery to new heights never reached before! The latter does indeed tour the Pubs of the region, joking and discussing with the managers … His kindness, coupled with his sense of humour are powerful assets, which enable him to conclude many sales with these establishments.

So much so that Paddy Flaherty becomes in the eyes of the Pubs of Cork, the emblematic figure of the distillery!

It is only many years later, in 1912, that the Cork distillery decided to rename its whiskey under the name of Paddy, in homage to this salesman who literally made the sales of their whiskey take off…

Today, Paddy is still a must in Irish whiskey.

Specificities of Paddy whiskey

An Alcohol rich in degrees!

Resulting from an “Irish style” manufacturing process, Paddy is produced by means of a triple distillation method, where the beverage is passed 3 times through a still. Particularly strong (it reaches no less than 80 degrees!), Paddy is a rather strong single malt, with a light colour. It is served in most Irish pubs, and can sometimes be mixed with other drinks to make cocktails.

On the price side, Paddy whiskey is very reasonable. Far behind Jameson or Tullamore whiskey, Paddy suffers from a lack of interest towards whiskey lovers, who sometimes deplore its lack of subtlety…

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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