Murphy’s beer

Murphy's - Rogério Tomaz Jr. - cc
Murphy's - Rogério Tomaz Jr. - cc

Murphy’s is a brown Irish beer belonging to the “stouts” family. Older than most of the beers brewed in Ireland today, Murphy’s competes today with similar brands such as Guinness or Beamish. Here is a small glimpse of the qualities of this beer that comes from the pure Irish tradition…

History of Murphy’s

A very popular Stout in Ireland

Murphy's - Biosketch - cc

Murphy’s – Biosketch – cc

The Murphy’s brewery was founded in 1856 in the city of Cork. It is founded by James J. Murphy, a wealthy investor determined to make his mark on the beer market in Ireland. He had in mind to produce a dark beer with a very pronounced bitterness, which could be served on draught directly in pubs.

In truth, his objective is very clear: he wants to compete with the Guinness firm, and to make himself a place among the top ten of the best Irish beers… (Guinness was very quickly able to institutionalize itself in Irish customs and culture, which makes it a strong opponent).

It only takes less than 20 years for the project to prove to be a real success. Murphy’s is quickly invading the pubs, and seems to be very appreciated by the Irish who see in this beer an attractive novelty… Although the brewery is sometimes put to the test by competing plants like Guinness, the success is still there, and exceeds the expectations of its creator.

Specifics of Murphy’s

A Beer that has some!

Like the other stouts, Murphy’s has an opaque colour, alternating brown and black shades. Just like the others, it has a very pleasant creamy hat. Its bitterness is more discreet than for a Guinness, but this one is enhanced by slightly caramelized aromas that are pure happiness in the mouth.

Served by pressure only, it is customary to serve it in two portions like its counterparts, in order to give it all its fizz.

In short, Murphy’s is a quality beer that it is interesting to taste… without any preconceptions!

Let’s just note that Murphy’s is rarer in the rest of the world than in Ireland… A short stay on site will give you the opportunity to try it!

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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