Killian's Beer Pumps - Jeff Kubina - cc


Killian's Beer Pumps - Jeff Kubina - cc

Killian’s (also known as George Killian’s), is an Irish redheaded beer found in most pubs in Ireland. Nicknamed Killian’s Irish Red, this beer is popular with lovers of light and subtly flavoured beer .

History of George Killian’s

A beer brewed since 1864

Killian’s was founded in 1864, when an Irish family of the same name decided to start brewing a new red beer. It is in the brewery of Enniscorthy, that the family recipe is elaborated, then mass produced…

The beer is now a great success, and is served in most Irish Pubs in Ireland, and is even exported around the world… However, the financial health of the brewery was not at its best at the end of the 50s, and the brewery went bankrupt in 1975…

Luckily for her, the brewery was bought the same year by Pelforth, a subsidiary of the giant Heineken, who decided to brew the beer in France… while preserving the Irish beer production process!

Anxious to export it throughout the world, Heineken granted Coors the use of the trademark for the American market in 1981…

Taste and Characteristics

A fine and subtle beer

Killian’s is primarily aimed at consumers tired of the traditional Irish stouts, often considered too bitter… This beer plays on the finesse and subtlety of its aromas, preferring sweeter and lighter, almost vegetal tones… A rather surprising beverage, which radically changes from the brown beers to which Ireland has accustomed us!

They are easily found in Pubs in Ireland, but also in France, either in Irish Pubs, or in supermarkets, where they are offered in glass bottles .

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.


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