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A pint of Kilkenny beer - © Claudio Divizia –
A pint of Kilkenny beer - © Claudio Divizia –

Kilkenny is a red beer made in the town of the same name. Sweet and bitter at the same time, Kilkenny is one of the most popular local beers in Ireland along with Guinness, Murphy and Beamish. But its reputation goes beyond Ireland’s borders, and is exported to pubs and supermarkets all over the world, to the great satisfaction of fans of sweet and fruity beer with typical Irish flavours!

History of Kilkenny

A 300 year old brewery… and still in business!

The Kilkenny Beer Brewery was founded in 1710 by John Smithwick on the ruins of a 13th century abbey. The brewery was commonly referred to as the “St Francis Abbey”, and soon began to produce red beers to be served in pubs on draught.

Among these red beers, Kilkenny is the most popular, as well as Smithwick’s, a very popular red beer, which is served in most Irish pubs.

These 2 beers quickly became the flagship products of La Brasserie St Francis Abbey, and were soon in demand in Irish pubs. We appreciate their bitter and tangy taste, softened by a few hints of caramel.

The success is so great, that Kilkenny beer becomes one of the jewels of the city of Kilkenny. All the pubs ask for it, to be able to offer an alternative to the Irish who get a bit tired of brown beers (the stouts), sometimes considered too strong on the palate.

After a few years of production, Kilkenny ends up totally supplanting Smithwick’s. So much so that Smithwick’s is currently losing speed, victim of the success of Kilkenny, which is exported much better than its sister beer!

Specificities of Kilkenny beer

Caramelized Barley with Subtly Fruity Notes

Kilkenny is a slightly more bitter than Smithwick’s and has a more pronounced aroma. There is only a very slight trace of caramelized barley, which makes it a rather strong beer in the mouth, as it has very little sugar.

Kilkenny has a very deep red colour, which sometimes tugs at the red. Its cream is light and almost fruity, very pleasant to quench your thirst.

The Kilkenny is most often offered under pressure, and is served all over the world. You can be served in half pint or full pint in most pubs in Ireland.

However, if you prefer bottles or cans, the Kilkenny Brewery exports thousands of litres every day to Europe, the United States and Asia. However, you will not enjoy the same flavours, as Kilkenny loses its aromas slightly when it is not served on the tap.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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