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Le John Powers Whiskey

Whiskey Powers - Guide Ireland.com

If you like authentic whiskeys made with Irish know-how, then John Powers Whiskey is one of the must-haves! Its honeyed and slightly spicy aromas make it a great classic of its kind! To be drunk in moderation as always, but to be tasted in the warm atmosphere of an irish pub!

Taste John Powers whiskey

A whiskey resulting from a triple distillation typical of the Irish know-how

Whiskey Powers - Guide Ireland.com

Whiskey Powers – Guide Ireland.com

Powers Whiskey is a historic Irish spirit. Its distillery, founded in 1791, has withstood the shock of the centuries, and is still one of the most famous whiskeys in Ireland today!

Rather easy to find, it is served in most good irish pubs in the country, and can be found in supermarkets in Ireland and the rest of Europe.

On the palate, the Powers is quite round and sweet, slightly spicy and honeyed. Rather smoky, it is quite fine and delicate, without being too light.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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