Jameson whiskey

Jameson whiskey - © bizoo_n - stock.adobe.com
Jameson whiskey - © bizoo_n - stock.adobe.com

Jameson whiskey has been an Irish whiskey since the 19th century. Fine, tasty and fragrant, it is said to be one of the most consumed whiskeys in the world, and symbolizes more than 200 years of Irish tradition… Here is a small presentation of this 100% Irish alcohol which delights the taste buds of typical Irish whiskey lovers.

History of Jameson Whiskey

John Jameson launches into the adventure in 1870 .

The creation of the Jameson distillery dates back to 1870, when John Jameson, a Dublin entrepreneur, decided to launch his own whiskey production based on malted and unmalted barley. He then settles down in the industrial district of Smithfield Village, installs his tanks and distillation equipment, and starts the adventure.

The result today is impressive: after more than a century of exploitation of Jameson whiskey, this alcohol has reached record highs in terms of sales and export production. Jameson is a whiskey as well known as it is drunk, and its fame has far exceeded the limits of Ireland.

Due to its success, the Jameson distillery and the brand have been bought by Irish Distillers, an Irish subsidiary belonging to the Pernod-Ricard group, and is among the top ten best-selling whiskeys in the world (it is ranked ninth).

Specificities of Jameson Whiskey

Subtly caramelized aromas…

Jameson whiskey is produced “à l’irlandaise” by respecting the techniques of triple distillation. It is indeed produced using a mixture of malted and unmalted barley. This barley is then dried in kilns, then distilled 3 times in a gigantic still. It is only afterwards that it is stored in barrels for a defined number of years.

Once bottled, the whiskey does not age at all, and is then ready to be consumed. Amateurs particularly appreciate its colour and its slightly caramelised perfume.

There are several types of Jameson :

  • jameson premium: the best known and least expensive, it is appreciated for its softness and fragrance
  • the Jameson 12 year old: it is stored in sherry casks which gives it its special flavour
  • the Jameson 18 year old : sometimes stored in bourbon and sherry casks, this whiskey is one of the most expensive of the brand. It is also more difficult to find, but is unanimously appreciated by connoisseurs.
L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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