An irish coffee - kapusnak

The Irish Coffee

An irish coffee - kapusnak

“Irish Coffee”: this is an evocative name, to say the least, for a typically Irish cocktail. Its success was so dazzling that it is now one of the most popular alcoholic drinks served all over the world. As famous as Irish beers, this beverage is considered a digestive in Ireland, to be sipped at the end of a meal, in a restaurant or in a good old irish pub. Its ingredients are simple and tasty and include coffee, whiskey, sugar and cream. The result is striking and comforting!

Irish Coffee: presentation of a 100% Irish cocktail

The origins

The irish coffee is a still recent cocktail, which would have been created spontaneously by Joseph Sheridan at the end of the 1930s in Foynes, Ireland. At that time, Foynes was used as a landing place for transatlantic seaplane flights between 1939 and 1945.

However, passengers at the time were often stressed and anxious at the mere thought of landing. Stewardesses had found a way to relax them by adding a little Irish whiskey and sugar to their coffee: a simple method, which not only proved to be effective, but was also very much appreciated by the passengers, who found this new beverage quite original and delicious!

It was at this very moment that irish coffee was born. The fame of the drink grew, and gradually spread throughout Ireland. So much so, that it became a traditional digestive, often served in the pub, to end a meal or an evening.

Over the years, the recipe has changed very little, and only whipped cream has been added for more balanced taste.

Many bartenders tried it, and since that day, this cocktail has become an iconic drink in Ireland… just like Guinness beer! It is available everywhere in local Irish pubs and restaurants! There have even been annual competitions where Irish barmen compete to make the most irish coffee in less than 3 minutes!

Irish coffee: a concentrate of Irish conviviality

Irish Coffee is first and foremost a hot drink, made from coffee, crème fraîche, brown sugar and Irish whiskey.

This blend brings together strong flavours. The final result is a beautiful balance of aromas.

The result is a cocktail with a strong character, surfing on the delicate balance of coffee, whiskey, and the sweetness of sugar and cream. A delicate harmony, absolutely delicious, which sometimes gives the impression of tasting a real dessert rather than a drink. In short, a convivial and comforting cocktail to sip at the pub after a rainy day in Ireland!

This beverage is usually served in most Irish pubs in the country, and is drunk as a digestive, to finish on “a sweetness”. But beware, the sweetness in question can actually be misleading, because of the high dose of whiskey added in the preparation (in Ireland, we do not skimp on the dose).

Be careful therefore with abuses: it is better to consume an Irish Coffee in moderation.

Depending on the preparation, the foam is sometimes enhanced by cocoa powder or by some spices, to better reveal the taste of whiskey and coffee.

Note that there are hundreds of possible variations. It all depends on the region where you are, the whiskey used, and the inspiration of the barman!

Count between 7 and 9€ for irish coffee in an irish pub. Warning: the price can literally explode if you are in the city or not far from a tourist spot (like Temple Bar in Dublin for example).

Irish coffee : the recipe


  • Irish whiskey
  • black coffee
  • brown sugar
  • cream
  • hot water


  • Heat some water in the kettle.
  • Boil the glass that will hold your irish coffee with the hot water. Then empty the water.
  • At the same time prepare coffee (more or less strong according to your preference).
  • Place a teaspoon of brown sugar and a measure of Irish whiskey in the boiled glass.
  • Stir with a spoon.
  • Add the hot coffee and stir again.
  • In a salad bowl, whip the cream, then gently place it on the surface of the cocktail, using the back of a spoon (note that you can replace the cream with whipped cream, it is a possible variant).
  • Just taste it!
L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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