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A Guinness - © venge – stock.adobe.com

In Ireland, Guinness beer is the symbol of a whole nation. Guinness was established in 1759 and its success is so huge that over a million pints of it are served daily in Ireland! If you want to enjoy a nice pint of Guinness like Irish people do, you’ll have to go to an Irish pub!


A genuine Irish stout

A Guinness pint in Ireland

A Guinness pint in Ireland

Guinness is a historic Irish beer. Established in 1759, Arthur Guinness started brewing beer with a purpose: to conquer Ireland with a new concept and new flavours.

260 years later, it appears he reached his goal. Guinness is renown not only in Ireland, where astronomical quantities are served daily, but also all over the world with equal success.

What is this Irish beer?
Guinness is a stout (beer with strong flavour), a dark ruby, almost black beverage. Its white dense and onctuous foam and its strong bitter and caramel flavour makes all the difference.

This beer of character is made from specific ingredients such as roasted malt and barley…

Guinness is different from other beers because of the way it’s draught. It must take precisely 119,5 seconds to serve it properly, as required by the brewery. This is a very serious matter, there’s no kidding about it in Ireland!

Indeed, it must be served with a special tap run with nitrogen (and not CO2 like other beers). That way, a pint of Guinness can be filled with lovely and tasty bubbles, and it must be done in two times so that the foam can form properly.

Over a million pints served daily in Ireland

A giant available all over the world

Arthur Guinness’s success was so quick that over the centuries the company had to become an implacable machine to satisfy the growing demand. The brewery owes its success not only to the quality of its beer, but also to its communication skills.

It’s obvious that brewing a good beer was not the only asset of the company. It became a leader in Ireland thanks to an overwhelming marketing strategy! In doing so, Guinness has become a national landmark, giving Ireland one of its symbols.

Therefore most Irish drink at least one pint of Guinness a day, in a pub…

But why is that? Because Guinness is everywhere in Ireland, you can’ avoid its advertisement! So if you add the unique flavour of this beer and a strong marketing strategy, it’s no surprise that it’s become the national beer, and the most drank in the whole country.

Guinness symbols

On each glass, can and bottle of Guinness you can see the famous Irish Harp. The brewery used this symbol many years before the Irish State chose to use it. There was then a conflict of interest. The brewery won, and the Irish State had to use an inverted harp as a national symbol.

Another symbol of the brand is the toucan. You can see it in commercial posters from the 1940’s. It was usually seen drinking a Guinness while comfortably settled in its nest, which showed that you can only be in a quiet, soft and cosy place to appreciate it.

There was also a slogan: “Guinness is good for you” that is still in every mind when referring to this beer.

There’s not only one Guinness

St James Brewery had widened its range of products, in order to adapt to new customers.
It seemed essential to evolve with the market.

Here are some of their new brews:

Guinness Draught: the most served in Ireland.
It’s a soft beer (4,2% alcohol) with malt, toffee, and a touch of coffee flavours.

Guinness Extra Stout : stronger than the Guinness Draught (7% alcohol), it’s served with a CO2 tap and its taste is more bitter.

Guinness Brewhouse Series : served in less than 300 pubs in Ireland and is a series of limited editions of different type of beers.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

Still so much to discover!


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