Guinness Original Extra Stout - © monticellllo

Guinness original extra stout

Guinness Original Extra Stout - © monticellllo

The Guinness Original Extra Stout is one of the great classics offered by the Dublin brewery. But be careful, it is not the Foreign Extra Stout or the Guinness Draught, also very popular. It is a very different version: first of all because it is stronger (with 5,6° of alcohol) and it has pronounced barley flavors. A nice variant, which should satisfy the amateurs of beers with character!

Taste the Guinness original extra stout

A more pronounced alternative to Guinness Draught

Guinness original extra stout – © venge

Guinness original extra stout – © venge

The Guinness original extra stout is part of the range of beers offered by the Diageo brewery in Dublin.

It is a historical beer, developed in 1821 on the ideas of Arthur Guinness himself! At the time, he wanted to create a “Superior Porter”, a beer with a more pronounced taste in malt and barley. A powerful beer, capable of seducing the most demanding!

On tasting, you will notice the power of the malt, an assumed bitterness, as well as notes of smoked wood and licorice. The whole balanced by subtle caramel flavors! The result is a beer with solid arguments, with strength and sweetness, all reinforced by a subtle and creamy head!

Since then, Guinness Original Extra Stout has become one of the great classics of the house. Although less popular than Guinness Draught or Foreign Extra Stout, it is reserved for beer lovers with a strong character.

It is generally available in bottle and can format in Ireland.

But that’s not all!

Guinness original extra stout – © DenisMArt

Guinness original extra stout – © DenisMArt

You should know that this beer is part of the ingredients of a famous Irish national dish: Oysters in Guinness! Indeed, this dish based on seafood requires, according to the tradition of the country, to drink a pint of Guinness original extra stout. Its strength and intensity of taste provide a perfect balance with the iodized flavors of Irish oysters! To be tried at the Guinness Storehouse, in the 1837 restaurant!

As you can see, the Guinness Original Extra Stout is one of the great historical classics of Arthur Guinness’ brewery. Very attached to this recipe, the brewery continues to produce it by remaining faithful to the recipe of 1821.

For many purists, it is one of the best series offered by the brewery. A real reference in the matter for the amateurs of asserted flavours and smoothness!

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

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